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Ever heard of Ikea Hack? this one is certainly is.

Having the BILLY bookcases (all sizes) for a long time gave it my stamp of approval of a very good quality/worth every penny/value for money product.


Regardless of how much extra space for an office we have in our homes, Bookcases can fit almost anywhere, Living rooms, Hallways, Bedrooms, even Kitchens (don't try the bathroom, its nasty!), But for me, having a certain room for study or work is essential.

Cut the chat chat, here's the things I did to change the BILLY Bookcase to this elegant look.






Assemble the bookcase according to instructions, I did not fit the back board as i wanted the grey paint to show behind the books.

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What Do you need

Stripwood Moulding | Stable gun | Wood paint

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1. Decide on the design

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2. Cut to size

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3. Paint! and let dry

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4. Use staple gun to attach to stripwood to the bookcase sides, Top and bottom.

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Choose a desk, lamp, accessories to create your ideal study space.

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