Bedroom Light Holder



In our homes, it is very important to have unique pieces that reflects our taste, yes we sometimes buy the same piece of furniture or accessory, but with our own additions, it turns into a unique piece.

Inspired by industrial style, I had an idea of a light holder similar in function to hook screws,

When designing a piece using steel material, after drawing and taking measurements, I usually visit my local metal shop to carry out the cutting and welding process.



For metal painting, I always choose spray, the brush and paint may leave brush marks,

Matte Black for sure, its industrial theme after all. ( sounds dramatic )!

DSCN1776 1.JPG

Now, for the light, IM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN, In fact electricity scares me, after searching for an alternative, I found a plug-in light cord, its like a side or floor lamp, plug then switch on, easy!


The holder did not require any drilling, it works exactly like a hook screw, but for more assurance, you can drill and use a screw plug to secure it more.