Cycle For Life


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Being introduced to bikes since a young age, It was my favourite thing to do! feeling the air hit my face when racing with my sister is a fun memory that hardly leaves my mind with all the happy moments that came with it.

I would consider cycling my go-to expertise, unlike running (UGH its hard!) I don't feel relived when the it ends.


Why cycle?

According to brake organisation cycling is healthy, environmentally friendly, and its deffently cheap !

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It’s an excellent form of exercise. Incorporating physical exercise, such as cycling, into everyday life can be as effective for weight loss as a supervised exercise programme. Regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and obesity, and increases life expectancy. High blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and depression are also less frequent among people who exercise regularly. Cycling to work, school or the shops is a great way to stay fit and in shape and feel good.



always wear a helmet, and follow road sings and rules.

Be safe, and cycle for life.

Environmentally friendly

Our society’s over-reliance on cars has major consequences for the environment and our health. Unless we act now, the amount of traffic on our roads is set to increase. By 2035, the amount of traffic travelling in congested conditions is predicted to double. Replacing some of our car journeys with cycling would make a big difference to this.


You can get hold of a durable, road-worthy bicycle relatively cheaply. Maintaining a bike is of course much cheaper than running a car.