Audley End House



One of the best attractions for metro visit is historical places, being in a land, a house, or an old historical museum that generates an unmatched sense of interweaving with the reflection of the speed of time.

The sense of previous presence from hundreds of years ago, the many stories and stories that usually begin with once upon a time.

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Audley End House

Located on the suburb of Saffron Walden, England, dating back to the 17th century, It was granted to Thomas Audley, an English barrister and judge.

The house was a site of  Walden abbey before converting the land into domestic house for him, in later dates it was demolished by his grand son the first Earl of Suffolk.


The house was double the size, allocated for visits and royal parties.

cost  £200,000 to build, but in 1619 the Earl of Suffolk and his wife were sent to Tower of London.

Bought by King Charles later on for quarter the cost, It was then demolished gradually to its current size.

Sir John Griffin, from the Earl of Suffolk family and the first baron of Braybrooke commissioned Capability Brown to landscape the land, andRobert Adam to design the interiors of the house.


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unfortunately Visitors are not permited to photograph the grand hall or master rooms

Laundry room, Located  in a separated build from the main house

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The kitchen is full of copper utensils

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Coal room, previously used to heat the water

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Third Floor -Nursery

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Outside spaces were not as such previously, architect Lancelot Brown designed the land  to fit the recent changes in the house from the inside

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